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We build the eco-sustainable mobility awareness

We accept the challenge that the eco-sustainability culture and Green economy launches for the new generations, providing a complete and constantly evolving service.

Recharge anytime, anywhere.

We aim to strengthen the current recharging networks with the compromise of making them more faster, modern and accessible in tune with the latest services and tech innovations.

Need a charging station?

We provide solutions for public and private organizations, we will be happy to offer you the most convenient configuration for your energy needs.

We bet on the eco-sustainable future and new technologies by enhancing the growing public and private charging network. We are not pioneers but we want to be the best.

We have put together all our skills not only to do business but to strengthen the structure that the other industry stakeholders are creating. We are aware that electric mobility is no longer the future but the present and that the spread of e-vehicles is an opportunity to improve our environment and to leave a better world for the new generations. Our mission has its foundations on the following goals:

Accelerate the e-vehicles adoption and development.

Promote the replacement of combustion vehicles by providing a widespread and efficient service what become crucial to the purchase decision of potential e-drivers.

Provide added value to local organizations

Strengthen productivity of the territories where we are and will be present, guaranteeing the competitiveness of their industries through the Green Economy principles.

Create the best charging experience

We work to offer the best recharging experience by implementing only fast charging stations and optimizing waiting times with a dynamic and intuitive software platform.

Build and promote the eco-sustainable mobility awareness

Break the cultural barriers that prevents people from leaving a less harmful eco footprint to our planet.

Essential, simple and intuitive.

Our App will charge you up in every way.

Head Office
Via Acuto 108, 00173
Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 892 72124


Sales Manager
Stefania Farace
Phone: +39 351 532 5530